This Week’s Picks

Seduce Vodka

SEDUCE Ultra-Premium Vodka is produced using pure natural spring water from deep within the cascade mountains of Oregon. SEDUCE is distilled five times by hand in copper stills and then filtered ten times through crushed lava rock. The resulting flavor is exceptionally crisp and smooth with a spring water like finish.


Berkshire Farmstand Raspberry Barleywine-Style Ale

This special ale is inviting with its ruby hued appearance from the generous use of half a pound of fresh raspberries per gallon of beer. Luscious malts and a balanced hop bitterness support the rich sweet/tart character of the fruit.  This beer is drinkable and challenges the idea of what a fruit beer can be. 

Berkshire Farmhouse IPA India Pale Ale

Extremely limited edition get yours now before they are gone forever.


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