Top 5 Bang for Your Buck Wines and Liquors

Alcohol can be expensive and some times a let down after paying too much. Whether you like Rum, Vodka, Wine or Scotch there is a drink for you that has quality and a good price. Here is a list of the top 5 bang for your buck drinks that have quality and have a good price.

Marshal Blended Scotch Whiskey – $29.99

IMG_0632Marshal Blended Scotch Whiskey is a 12 year old blended scotch whiskey is one great single malt. It has aromas of amber Sweet buttered caramel and coconut husk. It is followed through to a round medium-bodied palate with lightly toasted malt, peat, and dried fruit flavors. It then finishes with a pleasant taste of peppery spice, a dash of iodine, and delicious toffee. This is a great single malt that is comparable to Johnny Walker for a significantly lower price at only $29.99

Soplica Vodka – $12.99

IMG_0635Soplica vodka is Polish vodka made in south eastern Poland. It’s made from a blend of wheat and rye grains since rye is the traditional vodka base in Poland. It goes through a great filtering process which makes this a mild and smooth vodka with a great aroma. It is a great value at only $12.99 per bottle.

Wicked Wine – All Varieties $5.99

IMG_0637Wicked Wine is a great value wine produced in Spain and imported. It comes in many varieties including a Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon blanc and Merlot among many others.  Produced in an environmentally sustainable manner it fits Wicked Wines’ commitment to producing wine in a socially responsible manner and protecting the environment. At only $5.99 and 9 flavors, this wine is perfect for any occasion and a great quality alternative to the more expensive wines. With all their varieties there is a Wicked Wine for every taste and preference.

Club Caribe Rum – All Flavors $11.99

11051796_842022085852342_6043341068832354273_oClub Caribe a is a fantastic Puerto Rican Rum that comes in 6 great flavors coconut, banana, mango, raspberry, pineapple and silver. This quality rum is smooth and delicious and is a much better value compared to its competitors. Along with that Club Caribe has the second highest proof on the market and its silver flavor has the same proof as the significantly higher priced Bacardi.

ERA Prosecco – $14.99

IMG_0640ERA Prosecco is a fantastic white sparkling wine produced in Italy that is sustainably farmed. This Prosecco is semi-dry and sweeter than most sparkling wines but still remains smooth with a long finish. It has a great value at only $14.99 and a great alternative to champagnes and comparable to the more expensive Santa Margarita Prosecco.

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