This Week’s Staff Picks – September 7

This week’s staff picks contain a nice variety of quality products. We are featuring some beer, wine and a single malt. For wine we have chosen Cedar Springs Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, for the single malt we have chosen Dalmore Whiskey and for a beer we have chosen Samuel Adams Tetravis.

Cedar Springs Chardonnay

IMG_0158This white wine is produced in St. Helena California. This 2013 vintage has 13.7% ABV and has a complex and delicious bouquet. It has an aroma with a smell of baked golden apple strudel and notes of peach. The palate is equally delicious. It provides a soft and smooth taste and is soft and refreshing with hints of key lime, pear and ripe melon. It finishes with a minerally and refreshing taste creating a lovely experience. A great wine to pair with a delicious pasta dish or a seafood dish like fish cakes.

Cedar Springs Cabernet Sauvignon

IMG_0162This Cabernet Sauvignon is produced in Napa, California with hand selected grapes with quality in mind. It is a light garnet red color and 13.5% ABV. This 2013 vintage has an aroma rich with dark fruit like plum, red raspberry, black cherry as well as spices. On the palate it has a nice body with notes of luscious graphite, black cherry, plum and black currant flavors. A great red wine for a family dinner and great paired with grilled chicken or pork roast.

Dalmore 12 Year Old Whiskey

IMG_0166This Scottish whiskey is a quality single malt. Dalmore 12 is aged nine years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks and then it is transferred to ex-oloroso sherry casks for the remaining three years. This creates a complex and amazing whiskey with 40% ABV. The aroma created has notes of dark plums, orange, chocolate and marzipan. On the palate it is delicious with notes of coffee, cinnamon, citrus and Christmas cake. It finishes with notes of delicious vanilla, plums and cinnamon. Just as it begins it ends beautifully. This is a Scottish Whiskey every serious whiskey drinker should try.

Samuel Adams Tetravis

IMG_0168This Samuel Adams is very special. The Samuel Adam Tetravis beer comes in a 25 ounce glass bottle. It has a dark brown color and 10.2% ABV and pours into a light amber color. The aroma has notes of sugar, dry cereal and light dry fruits. On the palate it is complex with notes of dark fruits like figs and raisins, the sweetness of molasses and a tart spice. It has a medium body with medium carbonation and very creamy finish. This is a great complex and most of all delicious beer. Samuel Adams has outdone themselves with this one.