This Week’s Staff Picks – September 21

Now that we are officially in the Fall season it’s a great time to try some new drinks alongside your favorite pumpkin pie. This week we have chosen a beer, a cocktail and a wine. For beer there is Thunderstruck IPA, for a liqueur there is Punching Mule Moscow Mule and lastly for a wine we chose Mud House Sauvignon Blanc.

Thunderstruck IPA

20150924_135716This impressive IPA comes from Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido California. It comes in 22 oz glass bottle and pours a gold color into a glass with a white head and 8.7 ABV. This IPA is made with 2 varieties of Australian hops and Australian malt. Made in America with Australian ingredients results in a great beer. The aroma is fantastic and complex. It is very fruity with notes of passion fruit, apricot, papaya, citrus, pineapple, malt and some peppery-herbal dankness. On the palate is also very fruity with some citrus notes and notes of lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, stone fruit, peach, passion fruit, papaya, pineapple and mango. There is some bitterness and it has a nice medium body. This is a fantastic and smooth IPA that is worth your time with its nice, fruity taste.

Punching Mule Moscow Mule

20150924_135910Punching Mule Moscow Mule is a prepared from Mile High Spirits in Denver, Colorado. It is made with vodka, sugar, lime and ginger. The vodka used for the cocktail was distilled 6 times and is gluten free. When drinking Moscow Mule it tastes all natural, high quality and most of all delicious with a 7% ABV. If you’re looking for a quality cocktail for a party without the work and mess look no further.

Mud House Sauvignon Blanc

20150924_135828This vintage 2014 Sauvignon Blanc comes from Mud House, a New Zealand winery. This white wine has a pale straw color. On the nose there aromas of snow pea, citrus and grapefruit. On the palate it is similar to the aroma with a mix of herb and tropical fruit flavors. This wine has a nice, juicy and balanced acidity that ends with a nice elegant, long finish. A great wine to pair with seared scallops.