This Week’s Picks – August 10

This week we are featuring a variety of products, including a cider, whiskey and root beer. This week’s picks are Sonoma Cider, Bully Boy Distillers American Straight Whiskey and Coney Island Hard Root Beer

Sonoma Cider

Sonoma Cider is a cider produced in Healdsburg in Sonoma County, California. This great cider comes in 3 different brews, The Hatchet, The Pitchfork and The Anvil. The Hatchet brew is the apple flavor and was produced using smaller organic apples because they yield more intense and larger flavors. Using a unique blend of organic apples, this cider becomes a clean refreshing cider with complexity and a intense finish. The Pitchfork is the pear flavor that was produced with a focus on balance. It needed to balance the crisp and creamy with the aromatic tart, contrast the crisp and creamy, aromatic and tart Pitchfork. This is a cider for the apple aficionado who likes pear cider. The cider is both balanced and intense. Lastly the Anvil is the bourbon flavored cider that had some bourbon flavored added to the classic cider. This resulted in an intense cider with a clean aroma with a layered smokey finish. It is a unique and distinctive cider.

IMG_0085Bully Boy Distillers American Straight Whiskey

This is a whiskey produced by Boston based distillery Bully Boy. This American Straight Whiskey is produced using, rye, corn and malted barley and aged in new American Oak. The corn creates a subtle sweetness and there is a high content of rye that creates a dry spiciness. These quality flavors are refined through the barrel-aging process. This process creates noticeable caramel notes and a nutty finish. This is an excellent whiskey to sip slowly. This whiskey like with all of Bully Boy’s spirits is made in small batches and is a great spirit.

Coney Island Hard Root Beer

Coney Island, a brewery from the Boston Beer Company maker of Samuel Adams, created a hard root beer with a twist on the typical root beer. It has hints of licorice, vanilla and birch, creating a truly unique aroma and flavor. The vanilla really stands out here making it a deliciously sweet root beer. A true delight to drink and only at 5.8% ABV.