Tastings on April 27 and 28, 2018

The tastings this week at Liquid Assets include organic and Italian wines on Friday, and Broken Shed Vodka on Saturday. A variety of Italian and organic wines will be at the tasting on Friday, April 27 from 5PM to 7PM. The tasting on Saturday, April 28 from 4PM to 6PM will feature Broken Shed Vodka.

Tasting - Organic and Italian Wines

Tasting on Friday April 27, 2018 – 5pm to 7pm

Puglia is in the South of Italy, located in the “heel” portion of the country. Primitivo, which is believed to be an ancestor to Zinfandel, is grown and made into lush, fat, cherry-fruit-laden reds which are best drunk young. The aromas and flavors are decidedly cherry red, with some vanilla and spice, and a hint of sweet anise.

Friuli Pinot Grigio
No doubt this prestigious region in northeast Italy shines when it comes to white wines; an envious position on the world wine stage. This pretty, crisp white certainly shows ripeness in its concentrated notes of pear, peach and grapefruit but its stoney frame is a nod to the iconic mineral rich sloped terraced vineyards responsible for its pizazz and charm. The finish is clean, punctuated with an apricot accent.

Vina Zorzal
The appearance is clear, medium intensity, lemon color wine. NOSE: Clean, medium intensity aromas of citrus fruit and stone such us peach and apricot, soft mineral notes. The wine is dry and fresh on the palate with a medium body and tone fruits flavors and a long finish. The wine pairs well with fresh pasta, rice dishes, lemon and aromatic herb seasoned poultry, between 6 º and 8 ºC.

Gran Sasso
Gran Sasso is a wine project developed between friends Valentino Sciotti and Camillo De Iuliis, which involves wineries from three different regions in Italy. The company is based in the Abruzzo region of central Italy, where the Gran Sasso d’Italia (Great Stone of Italy) is the main attraction of the Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga. The wines are sourced from low-yielding vineyards, focusing on quality over quantity.


Broken Shed Vodka

Tasting on Saturday April 28, 2018 – 4pm to 6pm

Broken Shed Vodka
This vodka is made from all natural and renewable sources in Wanaka, New Zealand. This spirit is distilled from pure New Zealand whey (or, or as they like to call it, milk honey), then blend it with spring water from the North and South island of New Zealand. This mountainous range is home to some of the purest water in the world. The result is a smooth and well-balanced vodka that remains true to the organic flavors of its source.