This Week’s Staff Picks – January 25

Ending the month of January our staff picked a spirit, beer and wine. For a spirit our staff chose Brockmans Premium Gin, Pacifico Sur Cabernet Sauvignon and Grey Sail Brewing’s GreatKetch India Pale Lager.

Brockmans Premium Gin


IMG_0422Brockmans Premium Gin was created with a focus on quality. The finest botanicals were sourced from around the world. and hundreds of different recipes were tried before they landed on what Brockmans Premium Gin is today. The aroma of this gin is bright and floral. There are notes of Hibicus, strawberry and a hint of raspberry. The aroma is strong but evaporates quickly in the air. Overall a very inviting and pleasant aroma. On the palate there is quite a bit amount of heat. It is very sweet with notes of gingerbread and angelica at the beginning and then notes of raspberry lemon cake, blackberry, coriander and ripe berry. It ends very dry yet refreshing. Just after the finish one will want to take another sip of the inviting gin. This gin sets itself apart from the majority of fruit forward gins and gin fans will surely enjoy the experience. Brockmans has 40% ABV and has the perfect balance that makes drinking the gin a good experience on the rocks or neat.

Pacifico Sur Cabernet Sauvignon

IMG_0419This Chilean wine is made in the heart of Chile’s Central Valley. The soil and clear mountain water from the nearby Andes Mountains create fantastic conditions for growing grapes. These conditions produce grapes that give this wine a full body and smoky finish. On the palate there delicious notes of cherry, black fruits and sweet vanilla with a touch of tobacco. The wine has juicy tannins that lead to the aforementioned smoky finish. Overall this a is a great red wine¬† from Chile with 14% ABV that pairs well with beef and lamb dishes as well as a variety of cheeses.

GreatKetch India Pale Lager


IMG_0414This lager is made here in Rhode Island by Grey Sail Brewing in Westerly. It has a slighty golden color when poured with a white head. It is brewed with German pilsner malts and 5 different hops, Amarillo, Simcoe, Galaxy, Equinox and Citra. It is brewed in four weeks twice as long as the ordinary lager to make it extra good. This beer has a beautiful golden color when poured. The aroma is rich in hops. The palate, much like the aroma is hoppy and smooth that balances well and creates a nice lingering bitter finish. Overall a great, smooth lager made here in Rhode Island with a confident 8.5% ABV. A great beer to enjoy after a long day or at a party.